Viavi (JDSU) - MTS-8000 - C10G835LR

Viavi (JDSU) - MTS-8000 - C10G835LR

Based on the award winning JDSU MTS-8000 platform covering installation, maintenance and troubleshooting testing needs of any optical networks, the MTS-8000 V2 meets next generation network challenges with additional fiber inspection & test, ROADM and 40G / 100G test capabilities.

Configuration C10G835LR

Option IDDescription
C10G835LR10G optic pkg (850/1310/1550, LR Rx)
C10GELAN10GigE LAN (requires 10G optics)
C10GEWAN10GigE WAN (requires 10G optics)
C10GSSOC192/STM-64 (requires 10G optics)
C10OTN10.7G OTN (requires ATO & 10G optics)
C11OTN11.1/11.05G OTN (Requires ATO & 10G optics)
C25GSSOC-48/STM-16 (requires 2.5G optics)
C2OTN2.7G OTN (Requires 2.5G Interface and ATO)
C615SSOC-12/3/STM-1/4 (requires 622M optics)
C8000-TMRCCommand Line Remote Control
C8480Fibre Channel 1G/2G
C8483Multiple Streams (Class of Service) option
C8484MPLS/VPLS option
C8485IP Layer 3 0ption
CATOAdvanced Test Option
CC8015TM10G Transport module chassis with PDH/T-Carrier rates
CEETH10/100/1000M electrical Ethernet (e) option
CL2TRNTB8000 Transport Module Layer 2 Transparency Test Option
CMNMTB8000 Transport Module MAC-in-MAC Test Option
COGIGEGigE Optical (requires 1G optics)
CP12G835P1 - 2.7G/2.5G/2G/1G/622M/155M- 850/1310/1550
CP22G835P2 - 2.5G/2G/1G/622M/155M- 850/1310/1550
CT10GFC10G Fibre Channel Test Option
CTCPLayer 4 TCP/UDP Test Option
E80CDRWExtractable R/W CD ROM drive
E80CFAPPTransport Module Application Card
E80HDISKHard disk drive for 8000 platform
E80HVTCOLHigh Visibility Touchscreen TFT Color Display
E80LIIONAdditional Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
E80PMOptical power meter with 2.5mm UPP connector
E80TSOptical talk set (specify connector type)
E80VFLVFL with 2.5mm UPP connector
EM8000BTMTS-8000 tester with battery module


  • Future ready to keep ahead of technology curve: from traditional fiber and BERT testing to advanced high speed ROADM testing and 40G / 100G service activation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Scales as your network scales: mix and match over 40 apps and hundreds of test configurations to meet your exact needs
  • Cuts down testing and post-processing time: boosted processing power, built-in pass/fail functionality and automated test scripts drive best practices and close-out reports in PDF format
  • Connects everywhere from anywhere: 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet .


  • Enables optical connector inspection and full fiber characterization with OTDR, IL, ORL, CD, PMD and AP
  • Tests and troubleshoot WDM systems and ROADM networks with Optical Spectrum Analyzers.
  • Tests and troubleshoots converged Ethernet/IP networks at 10 Mbps to 100 Gpbs interfaces and captures and analyzes packets
  • Tests Layer 1-3 Ethernet/IP SLAs with an automated, enhanced RFC 2544/SAMComplete per ITU-T Y.1564.
  • Tests TDM/PDH to SONET/SDH at OC-3/STM-1 to OC-192/STM-64, including service disruption measurements and path overhead (POH) capture with triggers
  • Measures PMD on live traffic and tests in-band OSNR in DWDM/ROADM systems with In-Service PMD
  • Enables installation and maintenance of OTN networks up to 11.1 Gbps and OTU4 with full 100 Gpbs client .
  • Supports 1/2/4/8/10 Gpbs FC for installation and maintenance of SANs and low-latency circuits

Key Features

  • 10.4 inch high-visibility touch screen display
  • High-speed PowerPC processor, rugged SATA solid-state hard disk and latest high-capacity Li Ion battery technologies
  • 1G Ethernet, Wireless connectivity (3G, Wifi, Bluetooth) and four USB interfaces
  • Built-in optical options including power meter, VFL and talk set
  • Automated connector inspection with IEC pass/fail analysis
  • Compatible with T-BERD/MTS-6000 test modules

Item code: 1037

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